Appendix I

List of products generated by the CDCB.

DHI summaries Evaluation summaries Genetic evaluations ([G]PTA + [G]Rel) Genomic analyses(a)
DHI Participation Genetic sire evaluation summary NM$, FM$, CM$ and GM$ BBR
State and national standardized lactation averages Changes from previous run Milk, Fat (lbs), Fat Percentage, Protein (lbs), Protein Percentage Chromosomal PTA
DHI herd production averages by herd size, breed and test-plan Percentile Tables for NM$, FM$, and CM$ SCS Recessive haplotypes
SCC averages by state, herd size and year Elite cow statistics Productive Life, Livability Parentage verification
DRPC activity summary Breed names, base adjustment parameters, and heterosis DPR, CCR, HCR Parentage discovery
Reasons for termination by breed and parity Genetic and phenotypic trends Calving ease, Stillbirth Genomic inbreeding
Reproductive traits averages by breed and year SNP marker effects Manhattan plots Type traits (conventional type evaluations for HOL are calculated by HAUSA) Genomic relationships
Comparison of genomic and traditional evaluations SCR
Average evaluations by country of most daughters Milking speed (BSW)
Source of top 100 bulls on each country's scale Best prediction of lactation yield
Inbreeding trends

(a)Imputed genotypes, allele frequencies, lists of SNPs in predictive sets and SNP prediction equations are intermediate products and are restricted to CDCB staff and AGIL-USDA researchers.