Corrections to genotypes - PUBLIC

  • Incorrect nomination information (REQUESTER ID) in submitted SampleSheet
    • Example cause: Error in SampleSheet/FinalReport
    • Correction:
      • If submitted Nominator and Lab are the same: request to CDCB customer service via Redmine ticket, with the corrected SampleSheet attached including only the individuals that require the Requester ID change.
      • If submitted Nominator and Lab are NOT the same: same as above, but written authorization of the change by the assigned Requester sent to CDCB customer service.
  • Genotype assigned to wrong animal ID
    • Example cause: DNA sample miss identified at dairy
    • Correction:
      Three methods are available
      • 1) Use Genotype Move/Swap APP (requires Nominator login)
      • 2) if a lab, resubmit the correct SampleSheet/FinalReport for the animals involved to CDCB automated system
      • 3) Create a Format 1 record with record type U and the sample ID of the genotype to be reassigned in columns 54-70. Can only be used by the nominator of the genotype to be reassigned.
  • Bad quality genotype
    • Example cause: Sample/Lab/genotyping problem
    • Correction: Regenotype animal and submit the new FinalReport and SampleSheet
    • NOTE: If there is no change in iDs, then genotype(s) with acceptable quality will be used (e.g. no need to withdraw bad quality genotypes as they are designated not usable)
  • Withdrawal of genotype
    • Example cause: Submission of genotype not intended for CDCB (e.g. non-dairy cattle, different species, etc)
    • Correction: If the genotype is not usable, it can be withdrawn by clicking the withdraw button in the use_ind column of the Genotype Query(30 SNP). Otherwise, send a withdrawal request to the CDCB customer service via Redmine ticket, including a SampleSheet with the individuals to withdraw. Requires clear explanation of why this action is necessary
    • NOTE: To be applied only in extreme cases

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