Dealing with clone records

IMPORTANT NOTE: If you are an industry cooperator with access to the CDCB industry queries, you can use the "Make Format 4" or "Make Format 1" function to create a record and then modify it based on the following information.

IMPORTANT NOTE (2): Cloned animals might have slightly different genomic evaluation results in the weekly genomic files. During monthly evaluations, in which all genotypes are involved in the evaluation, a normalization process occurs to ensure genotypes entering the imputation process are 100% matching. Such normalization process is responsible to yielding consistent results during monthlies. A similar normalization process occurs during the creation of the Format 38 during triannual runs. However, since weekly evaluations do not involve all genotypes, such normalization does not occur, which results in differences in SNP genotypes (due to a low % of genotyping error/variability and its impact on the imputation process) and, consequently, in differences in the genomic evaluations.

  • Definitions:
    • DNA ID: Identity of the family member selected to identify the common nuclear DNA of the clonal family.
    • Clone: An animal with identical nuclear DNA as the animal with the DNA ID through embryo splitting or nuclear transfer. Natural identical twins also can be accommodated by this system if their common DNA is confirmed.
  • To insert clone indicator:
    • Set animal ID (@3-19) to ID of clone animal
    • Set cross reference ID (@54-70) to DNA ID
    • Set record type code (@88) to C
  • To correct DNA ID:
    • Same as insert clone above; the specified DNA ID will replace existing DNA ID
  • To delete clone indicator:
    • Same as insert clone above except set record type code (@88) to N