Evaluation files access

Evaluation files should be obtained using an FTP client . There are plenty available, and most are free.

This example is for FileZilla, but the same procedure can be used in any FTP client you may have installed in your computer.

Step 1: Simply type the CDCB FTP address in the “Host” (Hostname) area. Do not add any other information, as this is a public repository and does not require username or password. Then click on “Quickconnect” (Connect).

Step 2: A warning message like this may pop up, telling you the connection is insecure.

Step 3: On the right side of the screen, you will see 3 folders. Double-click on Pub.

Step 4: Select the right folder for you. For bull evaluations, choose “bull” folder. You can sort files by date, which should make things easier to find. The “cows” folder includes the elite and top 5% cow files. The “adga” files include all the goat files, and so on.

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