Genotype Withdrawal

A genotype that is not usable can be withdrawn using the withdraw option of the genotype query. This option should not be used on genotypes that are valid and you may be able to assign to the correct animal. Only CDCB staff are authorized to restore genotypes, or withdraw ones designated as usable. Typical reasons for withdrawing genotypes is when they are not for dairy cattle, are due to a submission error or the genotype is invalid and it is not possible to submit a corrected one for that chip bar code and position. We routinely withdraw the genotype of an embryo when the resulting calf is genotyped because the calf’s genotype is expected to be more accurate. Withdrawal is sometimes necessary to resolve some complicated conflicts.

Withdrawal can be done using Genotype query (please see nomination navigation guide section 5.7 for how to withdraw genotypes using online query) if the genotype is not usable, but if you need to withdraw a genotype that is useful, please create a Redmine ticket.

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