Reasons that a Sire was not Discovered

For cases where a genomic sire was not discovered. This can occur after a N3 Sire Conflict error ruled out the provided pedigree sire but a discovered sire was not provided by an O3 Discovered non-pedigree parent-progeny relationship. This can also apply if you submitted the sire as blank and were expecting an O0 Discovered missing sire.

If a bull meets all of the following criteria, their genotype may not be considered when searching potential sires:
  • Born > 5 years ago
  • Has no genotyped progeny
  • Has no pedigree progeny born in the last 5 years
  • Not enrolled with NAAB

Note: These criteria are applied on a monthly basis

In this case, collect some potential sires of an animal from the producer, and then create a Redmine ticket containing the ID of the animal with a missing sire and the potential sire IDs so that a genotype comparison can be performed.

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