Request for CDCB accounts

Redmine account

Redmine account enables the user to open tickets for requests and questions to CDCB.
If someone in the organization (nominator/lab) needs the account, please send a request has to be sent through Redmine by a person who already has a Redmine account witih us.

WebConnect (online query)account

CDCB has web query tools that are useful for collaborators, especially nominators.
Genomic queries are often used by nominators to see the status of genotypes, nominations, and to resolve genomic conflicts.
The account should be requested on:
Once "Register New Account?" is clicked, it will take you to a page where you fill necessary information that we need to create accounts.
Please fill in the information and accept the terms of agreement. As soon as the request is submitted, the account manager will review the information and grant you access.

Recipients of the automatic process

When CDCB processes your data and needs your attention, CDCB sends notification emails automatically to collaborators.
If someone from your organization needs to receive the information, the request should be submitted to CDCB through Redmine.

Communication messages from CDCB

When there is an important announcement or news from CDCB, CDCB sends emails to individual emails if registered.
If you are a nominator, laboratory, DRPC, or breed association who has not been receiving the emails and is willing to receive the communication from CDCB, please open a Redmine ticket to request it.

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