Request for Large Transfer of Genotypes (Selling Genotypes)

The following instructions correspond to requests for large genotype transfers (changing requester).

1) Submit a Redmine ticket, detailing the request

Attach a .csv file to the ticket with 4 columns (in this order): ID17, Sample, Original Requester (transferring from), New Requester (transferring to). The file must include a header line (e.g. ID17,Sample,Original,New).

NOTE: The Sample ID supplied MUST match what appears in the CDCB database.

Example file:


2) Before the transfer is completed by CDCB staff, a response will be posted to your Redmine ticket that will include a check file with all animals from your submitted file.

--> If the corresponding ID17 and Sample ID were linked to a genotype in the CDCB database, you will see the animal in the check file as:
  • Please be aware that the record count in this file may be more than your submitted sample file if the ID17 and Sample ID combination had more than one barcode and position in the CDCB database.
--> If a genotype was not found, it will appear in the check file with either “No genotypes found” or “ID not found” in place of the barcode and position:
    JEUSA000987654321,123456789, No genotypes found
    HO840000987654321,100000001, ID not found
  • For samples not found in the database: these could be cases where (1) CDCB has not received the genotypes to-date, (2) the genotype is no longer under the requester's control (previously sold), or (3) there is an issue with a provided ID17 or Sample ID (incorrect breed designation, or the ID17/Sample ID is completely incorrect or is off by a few digits).

If the list of identified genotypes in the check file appears correct, you need to respond to the Redmine ticket and confirm to move forward with the transfer.

3) Once the transfer is complete, CDCB staff will notify you and close the Redmine ticket.

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