Reasons that a genomic evaluation was not released

1. The genotype was not usable due to a conflict (including PGS and MGS unlikely) or having low call rate.

2. The genotype became usable after the genotypes were extracted

3. The breed of evaluation is not among those we generate evaluations for

4. The genomic fee code is N (No fee paid), or H (Historic)

5. The bull has semen marketed and it is not a traditional evaluation release (AI code=P/G/A/F/L/I)

6. The owner of the bull is not located in the US, so the evaluation is not public

7. The genotype is designated parentage verification only

8. The bull is foreign, over 15 mo of age (born 486 days before the 1st day of the month of the release) and no AI Service Fee has been paid.

9. The animal ID used for searching evaluation is incorrect or cross-referenced (primary ID should be used for searching)

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