Sharing genomic results with other active nominators


The practice of sharing genomic results with other nominators has been active for some time. Historically, this practice has been restricted to some studs and NAAB, typically more interested in sharing genomic results immediately after bulls are sold or exchanged. CDCB is now extending this functionality to all active nominators. The old practice to send these animals to Donna Craig @NAAB will be discontinued completely as active studs and nominators will be allowed to share their bulls directly by submitting a file to CDCB, and the file being automatically processed.
The sharing information is used for the creation of the genomic files, so all sharing information received prior to the aforementioned creation of files will be used. Note that CDCB can only guarantee the processing of share files submitted before the genomic cutoff.
Active nominators will be allowed to share their animals only with other nominators for which CDCB distributes the evaluations. Since we require the CDCB nominator name, stud numbers are discontinued (although still supported for legacy reasons), and only studs that are or were active nominators for which we still distribute evaluations will be allowed to receive the shared animals.


File submission

The sharing file should be placed in your "in" folder in the CDCB SFTP area.

File naming convention:

The file name is (bolded the required part): "[S/s]hare_YYYYMMDDXX.csv'
  • "share" or "Share" are accepted. We encourage using all lowercase for consistency. This is the only required part of the name, as is the pattern the automation harvesting these files will seek for. Any combination of upper/lowercase for the word "share" will not be recognized, thus the files will not be processed.
  • YYYYMMDDXX (e.g. 2021080101) accounts for the date (YYYYMMDD) and the batch number (XX), to account for multiple submissions. Note this is a suggestion to ensure traceability and consistency, and not a requirement.
  • .csv extension is optional. Similarly to the date, this is not a requirement to users are free to use their preferred extension name (.csv / .txt /etc will all be recognized, as long as the content of the file conforms with the specifications).

File content:

The file will have 2 fields, comma-separated, and without a header: the ID of the animal and the destination nominator.
  • The ID can be provided in 3 formats (partial IDs (e.g. skipping the '0's) will not be accepted):
    • ID17: HOUSA000000000001
    • ID18: HOUSAM000000000001 ENCOURAGED, since sex code prevents issues recognizing older animals
    • ID19: HOLUSAM000000000001
  • The destination nominator is the CDCB nominator name that will receive the genomic evaluations. For a full list of nominators, please see . Note that CDCB doesn't necessarily distribute evaluations for ALL of these nominators. If you have questions or doubts if the expected recipient is active or will receive the evaluation, please contact CDCB staff via Redmine ticket.


File named share_20210080101.csv . Content:


The expected result is that animal HOUSAM000000000001 will be shared with SexTech, animal HOUSAM000000000002 with Zoetis, and so on...
Note: The procedure checks that the nominator requesting the share is the nominator of the animal.
FOR STUDS: Currently, the procedure does not allow a bull controller that is not the bull nominator to share the evaluations. Only the nominator can share the results of an animal.

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